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Exposed (intimate), excluded (distance), ducking fans Jun 6, 2020 teaching & c19 Martin Parker We allow strangers into our homes for all sorts of reasons denoising your home recordings Mar 31, 2020 teaching & soundtracks for screen It’s virtually impossible to escape the noise of the town/city but right now1 things are quieter than The sound of the Corona Spring Mar 25, 2020 teaching & soundtracks for screen 2020’s spring will be a quiet one. Probably one of the quietest in recent (living?) memory. I have a 99 In the field, on the street Mar 6, 2020 teaching & soundtracks for screen change is as good as rest Teaching out Field recording notes what to wear Hardware Making recordings randomising soundfile playing Feb 4, 2020 teaching & interactive sound environments Martin Parker Rationale Here’s the introduction solving the first person controller problem listening to film Jan 30, 2020 teaching & soundtracks for screen Martin Parker there is no soundtrack Morph Interruption That which shouldn’t be there, but is That which should be Adapting In a large open space by James Tenney for Unity Game Engine Jan 29, 2020 teaching & interactive sound environments Faust2UnityTutorial Adapting In a large open space by James Tenney for Unity Game Engine Rationale Challenge 1 - work out the pitch schema some examples May 22, 2019 teaching & academic writing someExamples some examples linking to things and cross referencing links to websites Images Citations Equations Linking to actual files instructions - academic writing in markdown May 22, 2019 teaching & academic writing Zotero BetterbibTex for Zotero (optional, useful) Atom and two packages to extend its use: wordcount autocomplete-bibtex Homebrew(needs the