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Output name: Journeyman Oct 3, 2019 Date of premiere: January 2015 Journeyman premiere showing in Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, January 2015 as part of Gap in Sonikebana Sep 23, 2019 Output name: Sonikebana Date of premiere: April 2018 Sonikebana, August 2019 version, image by Anna Chapman Parker Sonikebana, August 2019 version, Mezzanine Aug 19, 2019 composition & live electronics & audiovision an opera for cinema Mezzanine is an opera for cinema by Martin Parker with a visual libretto by visual artist Anna Chapman Parker. The mpAmbiDecoder May 29, 2019 README mpAmbiDecoder This little abstraction is designed to help you switch seamlessly between listening-situations. p2b.sh (#pushToBlot) May 29, 2019 goToBlot p2b.sh (#pushToBlot) dependencies usage example note References Download the script from github This is a some examples May 22, 2019 someExamples some examples linking to things and cross referencing links to websites Images Citations Equations Linking to instructions - academic writing in markdown May 22, 2019 Zotero BetterbibTex for Zotero (optional, useful) Atom and two packages to extend its use: wordcount autocomplete-bibtex Homebrew(needs the