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randomising soundfile playing

randomising soundfile playing

Martin Parker


The finished patch using Owen’s sound filesThe finished patch using Owen’s sound files In the example of Mozart’s musical dice that we presented in the first lecture, there was a matrix of possible outcomes available based on where you were in the score. Basically, something in the tonic key, had to be followed by something in the dominant so whatever phrase was chosen, it would work sensibly, or coherently with the next one.

In this tutorial, even though we won’t actually be designing sounds and music that belongs in series like Mozart’s we will show you the tools you need to pull this off.

Assets you’ll need - these have already been updated as per the video

Here’s the introduction

part_01 from Martin Parker on Vimeo.

solving the first person controller problem

part_02-firstPersonControllerSolving from Martin Parker on Vimeo.

encouragement to look at already working scripts to see what they do

part_03-LookAtWorkingScripts from Martin Parker on Vimeo.

hack the FPC script to sound like you

part_04-HackingTheFPCscriptForIncreasedFun from Martin Parker on Vimeo.

getting random spawning happening

part_05-gettingRandomSpawningGoing from Martin Parker on Vimeo.

playing a random set of audio files

part_06-playRandomSetOfAudioFiles from Martin Parker on Vimeo.

random spawning different prefabs

part_07-randomSpawningDifferentPrefabs from Martin Parker on Vimeo.

the finished piece

So, now what…?

Well you’re now able to spawn random sounds and have different prefabs with different sounds and different spawn times, what next?

  • Could you turn the SpawnMonger into a prefab?
  • Could then make a spawnmonger that spawned spawnmongers?
  • Could you set the time of the spawn mongers such that form of piece emerged over time?
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